Recommendation of Widyakarya Nasional Pangan dan Gizi WNPG XI
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Nama OBS Recommendation of Widyakarya Nasional Pangan dan Gizi WNPG XI
Penulis Tri Nuke Pudjiastuti dkk.
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Deskripsi Authors: Tri Nuke Pudjiastuti dkk.
Widyakarya Nasional Pangan dan Gizi (WNPG)/National Workshop on Food and Nutrition XI, held on 3–4 July 2018 in Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta was a proof that good cooperation enabled us to clearly observe stunting as one of among many national issues from various approaches and perspectives. Na-tional challenge related to stunting prevalence takes not only the attention of central government, but also that of local government, academics, indus-trial sectors, and community activists. This concern does not only emerge in discussion forums; hence, it is important for each party to take part and act based on each roles and capacities to prevent stunting.WNPG XI currently conducts interdisciplinary approaches to for-mulate strategies through comprehensive sectors or working groups. This forum covers various subjects and engages various parties; so that, the gen-erated formula can be implemented by them, especially academics. The fo-rum is meant to be used by academics to develop both basic and applied researches, as well as for practitioners and policy makers in finding solutions to improve community food and nutrition which in the end will contribute to stunting prevention. Technological innovations should be actively taking part in the at-tempt to reduce and prevent stunting. Social sciences also vastly contribute in changing community life behavior in effort to obtain adequate nutrition as well as to live a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the acceleration of sanitation improvement or healthy food processing requires proper technology. This is the challenge for science and technology to show their importance and significant roles for Indonesia.


Tri Nuke Pudjiastuti, Rahmi Lestari Helmi, Anastasia Fitria Devi, Noviastuti Putri Indrasari

Dhevi E.I.R. Mahelingga, Rusli Fazi

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Dhevi E.I.R. Mahelingga, Rusli Fazi


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